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The good news is finally here for entertainment lovers

A global service provider named NETFLIX is here for you if you are looking for streaming movies and TV series. It’s a fastest growing dot com company worldwide. It’s a subscription based film and television program which insures rental services that offers media to subscribers via Internet streaming and via internet streaming and US mail.

The unique feature of Netflix is that it separately offers an Internet video-streaming service which provides internet connected devices access to its library of online content. It’s a world leading Internet television network with over and above 75 million members in 190+ countries who are more than satisfied in watching TV shows and movies per day. Win a free netflix account and password and you will be subscribed member! U can enjoy the shows as much as they want, anytime, anywhere or whatever they want too.

Some Amazing Facts and Figures related to the success stories of NETFLIX:
– No. of hours Netflix members watched in 2015 42.5 billion hours
– No. of hours Netflix members spend watching TV series and movies 10 billion hours.
– Percentage of subscription of Netflix especially in US homes 36% which is not a small number.
– Percentage of extremely satisfied and very satisfied subscribers 63% which is WOW.
– An Emmy nomination for Netflix till date 45 and this is true.

These updates are just for everyone’s kind information. Sometimes it’s good to know about things and being updated.

Let’s talk about its new product named THE SWITCH. It allows Netflix users to turn off lights when they are connected to a smart home light system. As amazing as it sounds, on real is surprising as well. It is one of the on-demand streaming services which allow you to watch movies and TV shows anytime anywhere.

With the new Netflix website members are in for a richer, more visual experience of TV series. This website works more like an app and less like a series of linked web pages. All the information appears in-line and in context instead of a separate page, which makes exploring the catalogue faster than ever before.

If you are planning to watch a movie but not too sure about the synopsis of that movie, one can simply hover your mouse over a title, you can now see a slideshow of images from that movie. It’s amazing instead of reading only the description you can have a visual experience of that particular movie.

The excitement is not over and limited to viewers who wanted to be amazed and always in a mood of entertainment. If we think about watching a movie or TV show only one thing matters the most ENTERTAINMENT.

We are talking about an entertainment website, now let’s discuss about is it useful or not?
– It is one of the most demanding dot coms in the world.
– It provides you some original series which are not available on any other websites.
– It offers thousands of classic/near classic films along with hundreds of Indie films that one might not normally make an effort to rent or watch it on regular TV.
– Documentaries, tons of nature/science series and dozens of PBS series are available.
– It doesn’t provide you a range a of fancy things that you can get on other websites but as far as reliability for being able to watch BIG GAMES without cutting out or slow resolution, it is the best.
– It is very accessible. Today, it is already included in the latest Smart TV and smart phones and you can easily access it once you become a member and join it.
– As far as the quality pictures are concerned, Netflix never compromised on that. All the movies which are available no matter whether it’s paid or free are of HD and DVD quality.
– It is very convenient because of its perfect feature.

As a matter of fact, it’s also not limited to watch a movie on one device only. It totally depends on your subscription plan that can allow you to instantly watch simultaneously on all the devices.
Last but not the least there are no advertisements no matter how much you watch, pause, rewind and fast forward.

Just Play It Out Loud!

Sitting at the window watching the rain pour down with a steaming hot mug of coffee would be all you want on a peaceful relaxing evening. The mood is all set and then your heart yearns to listen to your favorite song matching your mood. You fish out your phone and start going through your song list searching and searching and searchiiiinnngg…. Where did the DAMN song go? And just the way, the moment is all gone.

Ever experienced this? If you have my friend then all you need is a music playing app like Google Play Music! It enables you to listen to stations based on what you like or what you are doing. Whether you are doing heavy workouts or just relaxing, partying hard or drowning in misery, here is an app with a variety of music just for you. Just a few clicks and you can start well curated radio stations based on songs, albums, artists or browse by your mood, genre and oh so much more. What more, you can upload 50,000 of your own songs and have your own music collection which you can listen to on various devices. Hasn’t ‘appology’ made our life oh-so-easy!! But wait, that just doesn’t end here. You can access millions of songs and listen to them even when not connected by just subscribing to it. And for someone who finds the ads on YouTube really annoying, subscribing to the app lets you enjoy an ad-free YouTube! This, in turn broadens the range of audio available. Now that is what one calls a Boon!! Their newest subscription feature is the family plan where up to six members of your family can access Google Play Music. And all of this comes at a very low price, even free google play codes comes handy 🙂

In addition to all this, for the not-so-tech-savvy people, the Google play music setup is very simple, it has clear web player interface and is absolutely user friendly. It has the cleanest and easiest way to navigate. It is much easier to get listening and enjoying your music. The design of the app looks very polished. It stands out with the stripped orange and white approach. The sound tracks on the app are high quality 320Kbps tracks. That is an excellent sound quality for day-to-day enjoyment. Plus, you can configure the app to stream at the highest bit rate only when you are on a Wi-Fi network and save up on your mobile data.

With so many other music streaming services available in market, one might get confused whether you should opt for this app. To help you out of it let us just summarize the pros of this app below in points:

1. Large library for unlimited music steaming

2. More than 30 million songs

3. Compatible with Android, iOS and Windows

4. Store specific songs and listen when offline

5. Upload up-to 50,000 of your own songs

6. Excellent audio quality

7. Clean and good interface

8. Share your music with others on Google+

With all this you surely want to go with this app!

Music has the power to calm you down, to pump you up and take you to an ethereal state. So opt for the music app that works well for you, lets you play the music that reflects your feelings and set that mood right. Play it out loud!

Why Life Is Much Easier With ITunes


The internet has transformed lives in not one but many ways and iTunes music from the iTunes music store is one of them. Not long ago, lovers of music had to go all the way down to the music shop and purchase a full CD of their favorite songs or bands. This brought with it frustrations and disappointment as some albums had just 1 to 2 good songs. ITunes came with a difference. This is the Apple store which sells downloadable music among other things. Instead of paying for roughly 11 songs from one artist, customers could now purchase just one song. Digital songs became both easily downloadable and playable on any Apple product.

itunes download

Here are some basics of iTunes music, iTunes store:

1. Tracking your best tracks

Your desktop’s iTunes player keeps together all of your music. This means that it is always readily available for you to take a listen. Going through CD stacks and digital files is no longer necessary as they can be imported into iTunes and the whole collection quickly browsed. You can choose to organize the library however you want. You can also choose to create playlists and take a listen anywhere and anyhow.

2. iTunes match

Your music collection can now be stored on iCloud, thanks to iTunes match. This also includes songs imported from any CD. The music can be accessed from any device and the library listened to wherever. Subscribing to iTunes match on the PC, Mac or any device gives you access to music stations that are on-demand and ad-free.

3. Genius

This can search your device’s library and find songs that would be great together and organize them into playlists or mixes that you will love. It’s a way of creating a music collection matching your mood. The Genius Shuffle allows you to change the pace whenever you are ready.

4. Discover

There are lots of ways to find music on iTunes:

1. Top charts

2. The free weekly single

3. Recommendations based on past purchases

4. Trending searches that narrow down to which genre, artist or album is hot

5. Siri; an amazing app working with shazam to identify the currently playing song- immediately you like a song, just proceed to ask Siri which song it is and it will give you the track, album, artist and more.

5. Family sharing

Family sharing allows for up to 6 people from one family to share iTunes purchases. Whenever any family member purchases an album or a new song, anyone else can enjoy it. Families can also share TV shows and movies.

The iTunes store is most definitely the greatest place to find any music kind you want and ones you had no idea you wanted as well. You will find more than 43million DRM free, high quality songs at affordable prices. And remember, all that is just one click away. Available too is a 90 second preview of the selected song. You can choose to do this before making a purchase. Buy the music on any device and have the songs instantly available on your library. Having learn t all this, how then do you download music from the iTunes store? Here’s how;

Once connected to the internet, you should launch it. Then click on the iTunes store link. You will be asked to log in or create an apple account if you are not registered. When open, you can log in to the store. Next is to add a payment option that allows purchasing of videos, music, apps etc. if you have an iTunes gift card (if you don’t have you can get a free iTunes gift Card/household), you can click on the user name and choose ‘redeem’ from the menu.

Once you have the account’s payment setup, you can now proceed to download the music of your choice from the store. You can browse through the store while deciding on the music you would like to purchase. It is highly advisable that you buy a whole album because it is cost effective. When you compared to buying one single song, buying a whole album with several songs is way cheaper.

When you have selected the song or album of your choice, it will start downloading immediately. Beneath the store link is a progress wheel that gets initiated once downloading starts. One advantage you have is that the iTunes download is a quick process that takes a short time when downloading an album.


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